Can anyone explain why this “accomplishment” keeps getting repeated? This and the “more votes than any white President ever” line are completely misleading.

For reference, HRC got 65M votes. Trump got 63M. Obama got 66M and 70M (respectively). Bush got 62M and 50M, Clinton 47M and 42M, and so on dwindling back to a time with less population from there. Nixon won his first term with 31M.

USA’s adult population is up approx. 30 million since 2008 (growing at ~3M/year). Having “more votes” than the past happens naturally (and, obviously, if this happens with <50% of the country voting, it’s not really something to brag about).

Fun fact: Trump also got more votes than any other President aside from Obama elected to the office in the U.S. It’s not really a useful metric to mention.

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