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“An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”

— Isaac Newton, first law of motion

Vincent Agapov was one of the most outwardly-well-behaved boys in the evil Mrs. Durr’s fourth-grade class and probably the quietest kid in his whole grade. He had shaggy, brown hair that he rarely brushed and usually had dirt stains on his face, hands, and knees. He was a good boy, but he didn’t really know how to socialize with others.

He turned…

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Photo by Andy Falconer

“But it is my firm conviction that the ‘Hell of England’ will cease to be that of ‘not making money;’ that we shall get a nobler Hell and a nobler Heaven!”
— Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present

I was just six years old when I was first condemned.

It was a Tuesday; a dewy, spring morning in the kindergarten trailer. It’d rained the whole night and I didn’t sleep well; I was still groggy and grumpy by lunch — still trying my hardest to wake up — when I guess I stepped in front of Susan in the lunch line.

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Photo by Michael

I visited mon island de Chattel last September,
restationing from the dry land of prattle, Seattle,
and I ended up vacationing accidentally through December,
living off cattle and nuts in a prolonged battle for survival.

You see, when I stepped off the boat,
I felt the ghostly vibrations of my phone’s rattle.
My cutthroat boss Jeff had said, and I quote,
“Fix this small bug upon your arrival.”

But alas, my phone out here was a brick with no bars: I had no access to work, no link back to Seattle, And so I set out for higher ground, guided…

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I wanted these updates to go out a bit closer to’s birthday celebration, but sometimes things are just ready when they’re ready.

And the new features to Collections are just that — ready! The update just went life and all of the following improvements are available right now.

Free users can create Collections until October 20

Usually, Collections require an active Premium subscription to create. To celebrate you all being awesome, I’m opening up Collection creation to free users until October 20th. Any Collection you create will be yours to manage and collect pages in forever, even after that date.

As usual, users don’t need a Premium…

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Photo by Johannes Plenio

The grassy path was long and winding and seemingly never-ending — exactly how he remembered it from his childhood. Abu walked briskly, hoping to be completely through the forest and back on the open road to Jinoda before night set in; dreams of the large, soft bed that awaited him in the Goldbear Inn helped him keep a fast pace despite his fatigue.

It’d been nearly fifty years since he’d last set foot in this forest, but every corner felt ripped straight from his memories; every tree seemed exactly as it was, every turn layered a new feeling of deja…

We’re continuing’s birthday celebration with another big feature: a much-improved document analysis available now.

Writing on

In addition to the rich text editor (that now integrates directly with any worlds you build!) and unlimited document storage on, users with an active Premium subscription also have access to a powerful artificial intelligence fiction analysis engine that’s always growing and improving.

A lot of the smarts behind that enables the site to understand relationships and contexts within your world also surfaces in analyzing documents. …

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A screenshot of the new document editor on

The first big feature to launch for’s birthday week celebration is a much-improved document editor. There’s a lot to unpack here, so I’ll just jump right into all the new features available right now.

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I’m Andrew, and those that know me know I relentlessly spend all of my time pursuing my passions in both writing and coding. Five years ago, I started Indent Labs to fuse those two passions and create smarter writing tools for authors.

And just four years ago, I released to the public. What I thought might garner a few occasional users that shared my thirst for rich worldbuilding immediately surprised me with over 2,000 signups in the first 24 hours and then over 5,000 more worldbuilders joining by the end of the month. …

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Photo by Michael Maasen

The young in olden years,
Unaware of the fires we keep,
Will have eyes that will not see,
And ears that will not hear.
And blindness, deafness, and decay
Will come like a thief in the night,
And snatch what we’ve made of life’s plight.

And the crown and regalia
That we’ll have worked for and acquired,
Reduced to empty, meaningless reminders,
Whose splendor we’ll leave in the tomb —
As our memorized imprints expire.

We’ll be forgotten and gone —
Till the children of our foes
Break out in mocking laughter
In new times, new eras, and new prose.

Andrew Brown

An author—of literature and code.

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